In order to use our GOM Service Area, you have to accept our forum rules as well as our Privacy Policy.

GOM Forum Rules

Taking part in the GOM Forum is contingent on compliance with the following rules, which are acknowledged and accepted by the User:

1. On sending us content for publication, the User grants us free of charge and in perpetuity the non-exclusive right, unrestricted in terms of territory, to use, copy, adjust, publish, translate, modify, adapt, circulate, perform and present all or any of such content, to grant third parties non-exclusive rights of use in the content, and to use the content in other works and/or media.

2. The User bears sole responsibility for the content posted being both legal and correct, and in particular for it not infringing any third-party rights. On making any contributions to the GOM Forum, the User declares either that it is the author of the content concerned, or that it has been granted the rights required for doing so by the rightful author.

3. In the GOM Forum, all manner of advertising in particular as well as any content of a radical right-wing nature or that is pornographic, racialist, insulting, defamatory, slanderous or detrimental to business is prohibited. GOM is entitled to immediately delete any such content even without informing the User.

4. Contributions to the GOM Forum are only permitted in English or German.

5. Any User posting content on our website shall indemnify us against all and any third-party claims that are asserted on the basis of such content, irrespective of the legal grounds. Indemnification shall include any reasonable costs required for putting up a legal defence against the claims made by the third party. GOM is entitled to terminate relations with the User at any time, in particular in the event of a violation of Items 2., 3. or 4. above.

6. Without making any prior announcement and without consulting the User, GOM may delete content and may exclude the User from using specific areas of the Forum or from the Forum in its entirety.

7. GOM assumes no liability for the content meeting the User's expectations.

8. GOM assumes no liability for the permanent availability of its website.

9. For damage of whatever nature - including that occurring due to a breach of secondary obligations set down by contract or by law - GOM shall only be liable in the event of at least grossly negligent conduct on the part of its statutory representatives, employees or vicarious agents. This limitation does not apply if a breach of cardinal duty is concerned, whereby liability in this respect shall be limited to the foreseeable damage and does not include unpredictable excessive risks. Any unlikely culpable breaches of duty by GOM, its statutory representatives, employees or vicarious agents that result in injury to life, body or health are likewise not subject to limitation.

10. These terms and conditions of use and the legal relationship between GOM and the User shall be exclusively governed by German law.

It is agreed that if the User is a registered trader, Braunschweig Regional Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contractual relationship.

In the event of any of the above provisions being or becoming ineffective, the parties here and now agree to apply a supplementary contractual clause that comes as close as possible to the objective pursued by the contracting parties upon concluding their agreement.